About Politiki

What is Politiki?

Politiki is a policy overview website that breaks down issues into pro/con arguments using non-partisan language. Users are encouraged to utilize our site as a tool for strengthening personal beliefs and learning about opposing opinions.

Politiki uses a structured-wiki format, which means that it exists and develops as a product of collective intelligence. Users add new issues, arguments, and rebuttals according to a pre-designed page structure and navigation scheme. User content is moderated in order to uphold the site's integrity but we encourage a variety of opinions so long as they remain logical and respectful.

Why is Politiki?

Television and web-based reporting has become saturated with persuasive political pundits that portray opposition as misguided or ill intentioned. These reporters commit an immeasurable disservice to the American people and to the quality of debate in our country.

At Politiki we feel strongly that all political issues contain logical arguments on either side of the debate. It is the media’s responsibility to accurately and succinctly explain these arguments to the American voters so that we may make educated decisions for ourselves. Politiki is built to provide this service by simplifying complex policy and encouraging citizens to participate in political conversation.

Who is Politiki?

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