Politiki FAQ

Welcome to our Beta release of Politiki! We're still getting the kinks out of some of our features and we plan on adding more soon! In the meantime, please take a minute to let us know what you think by visiting politiki.uservoice.com or by e-mailing us at feedback@politiki.us.

What is Politiki?

Politiki.us is a policy overview website that breaks down issues into pro/con arguments and presents them from a neutral perspective. Users are encouraged to utilize our site as a tool for strengthening personal beliefs and learning about opposing opinions.

Politiki uses a structured-wiki format, which means that it exists and develops as a product of collective intelligence. Users add new issues and arguments within the Politiki.us page structure and navigation scheme. User content is moderated in order to uphold the site's integrity but we encourage a variety of opinions so long as they remain reasoned and respectful.

Who writes the articles on Politiki?

Users just like you! All of our content is created and maintained by people interesting in starting a new conversation about these complex issues.

We ask that all contributing users respect the differing opinions present on this site. Our mission is to give a new voice to a variety of opinions in a non-partisan setting. To get started adding and editing articles, all you have to do is create an account with Politiki .

How do you ensure that the articles are accurate?

Politiki.us allows users the opportunity to add and edit content featured on the site. It is this crucial component that empowers users with a voice and platform for political discourse. However, this feature does present obstacles. Political opinions are oftentimes deeply ingrained and strong beliefs can lead to the use hurtful or insensitive language.

In order to ensure the quality and respectful tone of the content on Politiki, we are developing a series of moderation techniques.

As with Wikipedia, users are not only primary content generators, they are also the backbone of Politiki moderation and quality control. All changes to issues and arguments get logged and associated with users (they must register in order to edit pages). Users who consistently provide quality improvements will earn moderator points and will be given greater access to the site.
We will employ an auto-moderation system that will scan new content for derogatory language. Flagged content will then be sent to moderators for review.
User Patrol
Users will be able to vote content up or down based on quality. This will push up the most concise and effective arguments and push down arguments that need editing or moderator review.

How do I report a bug, problem, or an offensive article?

Although we test for bugs and do all we can to avoid them, they are inevitable. If you notice a problem as you browse through Politiki, please let us know so we can fix it! E-mail us at feedback@politiki.us and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

As for offensive articles or page abuse, in the future, we plan on developing a system in which users can vote arguments and articles up or down based on their quality. However, for now if you notice that a page has been vandalized, or is displaying innacurate or offensive information, please e-mail us at abuse@politiki.us.