Latest Issues

Whistle Blowers/WikileaksIs the Obama administration justified in their prosecution of government employees who leak information to the press?


Mississippi FloodingWas the Army Corps of engineers correct about their decision to open the Morganza spillway in order relieve the Mississippi from flooding New Orleans and Baton Rouge at the expense of the Atchafalaya River Basin?

Transportation and Infrastructure, Louisiana, Tennessee

Militantism and Social JusticeWas Malcolm X's use of evocative and extremist rhetoric an effective tool in the success of the civil rights movement?

Professional Athletes and PoliticsShould professional athletes be disciplined for making controversial political statements?

California, Pennsylvania

Entitlement ProgramsShould the US make significant cuts to "Entitlement Programs" (welfare, medicaid, social security)?

The Economy, Health and Human Services

Osama Bin Laden's KillingDid the Obama administration handle the raid, and subsequent killing, of Osama Bin Laden appropriately?

Defense, Foreign Relations

Social Networking SitesAre social networking sites a positive or negative influence (on communication, human interaction, etc.)?


American Military in AfghanistanShould the US maintain and increase the military force in Afghanistan?

Foreign Relations

Filesharing: musicDoes filesharing harm the music industry?

Science and Technology

Cambridge Police Arrest Henry Louis Gates: Racism in AmericaWas this news story proof that racial tensions still exist in the US?

Judiciary, Massachusetts