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Entitlement ProgramsShould the US make significant cuts to "Entitlement Programs" (welfare, medicaid, social security)?

Issue Background

Deficit reduction has become a hot topic leading up to the 2012 Presidential race. Most Americans want to see cuts in government spending and the majority of spending goes towards Entitlement Programs (welfare, medicare, medicaid, social security, etc...) Economists and politicians are considering various forms of entitlement reform that could cause drastic spending cuts. Congressman Paul Ryan is one of the leading voices in favor of entitlement reform. His FY 2012 budget proposal titled "A Roadmap for America's Future" would privatize portions of social security and fully privatize medicaid.

Key Arguments

» Yes

» No

  • Millions of Americans rely on these programs for their health and well-being. Any type of entitlement reform would negatively impact our most vulnerable citizens.
  • Privatized social security and medicare would exploit citizens in favor of increased profits. These are goods that must be provided by a non-profit agency, such as the federal government.


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