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Embryonic Stem Cell ResearchShould the federal government fund research?

Issue Background

Key Arguments

» Yes

  • Many scientists believe that by manipulating stem cells, they may be able to synthesize cures for many terminal illnesses including Cancer and Alzheimer's Disease. With new public funding, scientists may begin to achieve new advancements and success in the field of stem cell research.
  • Many of the embryos in question end up being destroyed if they are not used in stem cell research. In Vitro Fertilization produced many unused embryos and abortions also destroy unwanted embryos. It is inefficient and wasteful if scientists are unable to utilize these unwanted embryos for stem cell research.

» No

  • Manipulating viable embryos for medical research ignores the innate value of life. Once an embryo becomes viable under U.S. law, it should no longer be tampered with in any way.
  • Money spent on embryonic stem cell research could be better spent on alternatives. Umbilical cord blood and adult stem cells appear promising but have received little attention in comparison to embryonic stem cells.


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