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Iran election disputeShould the US get involved with the Iranian Election controversy?

Issue Background

On June 12th 2009, Iran held a presidential election where incumbent president Ahmadinejad was running against Mir-Hossein Mousavi, as well as two other candidates. It was shortly announced that Ahmadinejad had won the election with 66% of the votes. Soon after that Mousavi supporters held public protests claiming that there was widespread election fraud. The Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, as well as the Guardian Council, have supported and announced that there would be a partial recount of the vote. Many Mousavi voters are unsatisfied with this measure. US President Obama and his administration have not made a clear statement on how the protesters' demands should be handled. Mousavi is regarded to be more moderate and pro-American.

Key Arguments

» Yes

  • The election results made it clear that the Iranian election was not legitimate. President Obama should pressure the Iranian Guardian Council to hold a runoff election with electoral oversight.
  • If these elections are allowed to stand, the Ahmadinejad administration will villainize the US regardless of its involvement. The US and the international community needs to stand up to false democracies.
  • The US and the international community have a responsibility to support people who are in protest of their false democratic governments. The Iranian people who are protesting the election results need the support of the US government and other democratic nations.

» No

  • The United States military and peace-keeping forces are overreached as is. We do not have the man-power nor the resources to occupy another country in the middle east.
  • The United States should not act as a peace-keeping force under any circumstances. Iran is capable of managing their own internal disputes. A meddling America will only feed mistrust and hatred towards our country.
  • Stories and pictures coming out of Iran right now are difficult to verify and it would be a mistake to act on them. We need more information with proven accuracy before we begin pushing any money or muscle around.


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