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U.S. support for a Palestinian nation

Issue Background

Key Arguments

» Yes

  • Peace in the Middle East appears impossible if Israel and Palestine cannot find a way to coexist. The creation of a Palestinian nation would at the very least be a show of good faith by Israel. If problems persist at least it would not be due to a lack of effort
  • The United States is the sole remaining superpower and both Israel and Palestine would benefit from having President Obama’s input. Simply having representatives of the United States attend peace talks would instantly lend credibility to all efforts.

» No

  • Israel has had to defend its own borders since its inception against a collection of violent neighbors. Palestinians especially have continuously refused to acknowledge the existence of Israel and the two people have had a series of violent incidents. Israel should not sacrifice the morale and safety that would be needed to acknowledge their Palestinian neighbors officially.
  • US attempts to solve such a complex International dispute may lead to an inappropriate commitment. It would likely require several years of a continue military presence.


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